Hello, I’m Adela Bukva.

I’m a young designer based out of Beverly, Massachusetts. I graduated from a small private institution here on the North Shore called Montserrat College of Art. My hard earned BFA of concentrative choice is in graphic design, and additionally, I’ve walked away with a borderline obsessive eye* for multi-dimensional systematic layout design in almost all areas of my life!

I’m originally from Bosnia; my family and I immigrated to the United States in the summer of 2001 as war refugees. From the beginning, language and identity have been huge areas of both outward fascination and inner self-reflection to me. My creative process is essentially a dialogue between internal clashing cultures of strict Eastern European standards and the fluidity of American freedom of speech. It’s the fuel that keeps the gears grinding. Through communicative design, this kinetic energy of mine has both an outlet and a purpose. My approach to graphic design is very system oriented and inspired by the Bauhaus era mantra of function over form, but I know when and where to add the flair. When working with clients, I’m passionate and dedicated. I value the dialogue between the client and myself; I strive to deliver the most efficient final product that I can create.

*A design professor of mine in college once said, “Everything is a grid.” Now I can’t stop seeing everything as such. The throw pillows on the couch? Need a system. The shoes on the three layer rack in the hallway? Color coded and stacked from highest heel to flat.The posters on the walls? Depends, the ones in the living room function differently than the ones in my bedroom.